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Highest Manufacturing Standards

There are uncountable CBD products on the market now, but not all CBD products may be effective or safe for you to use. What you should be looking for is organic CBD that is concentrated and produced from naturally grown hemp. All CBD products you purchase should be approved by an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab. The higher the price, the higher the quality in the CBD industry, so be wary of “good deals” because they may contain inferior and contaminated materials.

Happy garden products are made from pure organic CBD hemp plants that are grown in lab standards to preserve its quality all through the production line, all the way to our loving clients.
Happy Garden is a Kosher / Halal certified supplement manufacturer.
Kosher / Halal are two different things and related to different religions, but are both words that are derived and recognized in many languages as a certification for high manufacturing standards of consumable products. Kosher in Hebrew means acceptable or proper while Halal means permissible.
In order to have a Kosher or Halal certification, Happy Garden growing rooms production lines adhere to strict policies and rules.

A Kosher and Halal Certification ensures our clients we maintain an honest working procedure:
* The exact location where the products are made is always the same,
* Our products are made by the seller or a manufacturing contractor.
* The extent of training of all staff members who will be working on kosher / halal production lines.
* Ensures that equipment is properly prepared and handled.
* Ensures that production processes and packaging activities are correct.
* Checks storage systems to ensure compliance.
* Reviews transportation or shipping policies to ensure preservation of status.
* Verifies that sterilization and cleaning procedures are correct for multi-use production lines.
* Ensures that production systems that must be kept separate are in compliance.
We manufacture our products while emphasizing thoroughness, professionalism, technological innovation, and an optimal laboratory environment for growing. The plants we use to produce the best CBD products are grown organically in an optimal laboratory environment, using the most advanced growth technologies in the world. In addition, we make sure that all production processes meet the strict GMP and ISO 7 standards.

Each growing cycle of Happy Garden plants is being quality assured and verified by 3rd party laboratories in Europe and USA.
A large part of the production process we have developed lies in refinement. Our CBD oil is extracted through Apeks CO2 extraction systems to eliminate plant byproducts and residues like fats and lipids. This purification is an integral part of our production process designed to give you the perfect therapeutic experience.

Buying CBD products from the Happy Garden means choosing CBD products that are pure and free of ancillary materials. We only sell products refined in just the right amount to create the perfect experience for you.
First of all, the production of quality CBD requires a good plant source with excellent genetic traits. We grow our hemp, extract CBD under optimal growing conditions, and use advanced methods and techniques, innovative equipment, and the best staffing for the task.

We have developed CBD strains after many growth cycles, selective breeding, and natural genetic enhancement. As a result, you’ll only find the highest concentration and quality in our CBD products. In addition, our process ensures uniformity among products, a high standard of quality, and a continual inventory of all your favorite products.

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